Calibrate the Screen on the Galaxy S4

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is probably one of the best phones today. With its amazing five-inch, Full-HD Super AMOLED screen, users can have the best contrast and colors that will pop out the screen with impeccable visual display.

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Plus, its viewing angles are superbly unbelievable! However, there could be certain display features that may not work well with you. Do you prefer to have more true-to-life colors over the saturated ones? If that is the case, then here is a guide on how you can calibrate the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S4.

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How to Calibrate the Screen of your Galaxy S4

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    You need to have a custom kernel that you can download online.
    Once you have installed Persues, just open the STWeaks application. But in most cases, this app will automatically install along with Persues. After you have opened the STWeaks app, find the Screen tab. Here, you can do practically everything possible. You can change your phone’s colors, gamma, brightness, contrast, and a whole lot more.
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    Now that you have successfully calibrated the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S4, you may also want to come to grips with all the other features that this amazing phone has to offer.
    Below are some tricks and tips on how you can get the most from your smart Galaxy S4.
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    The Quick Settings Panel.
    This is where you can have quick and easy access to a lot of impressive features. When you pull down the notifications bar, you can see there a list of five "Quick Settings" options. Here, you can easily customize your particular area of choice in an order that you prefer them to appear. Just click on the grid icon found in the top-right portion of your screen and choose the pen. Rearrange these buttons by simply pressing and dragging them towards your preferred arrangement.
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    The Air Gesture.
    This is a futuristic feature offered by the Samsung Galaxy S4. In the "Settings" menu, just enable the "Air gesture" feature. When your phone rings, you simply swipe your hand over the screen to answer the call. Now this is a cool way of taking “phone answering” to a whole new level. Furthermore, view your phone notifications with the use of air gestures. Just hit the "Quick glance" button under the "Air gesture" setting. With this feature, you can simply wave your palm over the screen and check your missed calls, battery life, or messages, even when your phone is lying flat.
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    The Multi-Window.
    For multi-tasking, this feature is an ultimate tool for them. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has incorporated the Multi-Window mode that was originally a famous feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note. With this, users can run two applications simultaneously, with each app taking a portion of the phone’s screen. Just hold the "Back" button so you can access the Multi-Window menu that will show on the left-hand part of the screen. Simply slide this particular menu out when you choose another application that you wish to run at the same time.
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There are really a lot of exciting functions and features that the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen has made possible.

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