Buy the Right Kind of Jeans for Your Body Type

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Buying the right kind of jeans can be a challenge for most of us. This is because not all of us have the same body type. Some are blessed with a great figure while others are not that gifted. Do not fret, however, because whatever your body type is, there will be jeans that are right for you. Here is a short guide on finding the right pair of jeans for your body type.

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    Determine your body type
    1. Before heading out to buy jeans, you first need to determine your body type. There are four kinds of human body types:
    2. In a banana or rectangular body, the waist is not smaller than the bust or thighs. There are only few curves and there is even weight distribution.
    3. An apple shaped body is characterized by broadness of the hips, narrow shoulders, and generous thighs. There is also a tendency for an individual to put their weight on in the belly.
    4. People who have narrow shoulders and bust, smaller waist and even stomach, round hips and thighs belong to the pear-shaped type.
    5. With the hourglass-shaped type, the shoulders and busts are proportional to the hips, bum, and thighs. This kind of body type is characterized by a small and defined waist.
    6. Keep in mind that people may not exactly have these body types, so choose the nearest.
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    The Right Kind of Jeans
    1. If you have banana shaped bodies, look for jeans that will reveal your curves. Look for ones whose color fade near the thighs or burst below the knee. Go for jeans with clear back pockets. Stay away from baggy jeans.
    2. People with apple-shaped body types ought to look for jeans that drive attention away from the mid-section. Do not buy low-rise or those that have high inseams.
    3. If you have a pear-shaped body, the best jeans for you are ones that compensate your round hips. Mid-rise jeans with boot-cut or flared legs are recommended. Skinny jeans are a no-no as they will accentuate your widest areas.
    4. Those with hourglass type of bodies should buy jeans that will balance out their figures. They will look great in bootcuts or wide legged jeans.
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    It Still Boils Down To Comfort
    The bottom line when buying jeans is to look for ones that fit and you are most comfortable in. One can go and classify their body types, but it will still be up to you to look for jeans that provide comfort and that you will be happy to wear.
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    So what are you waiting for
    Go and buy those jeans.
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Benefits of Wearing the Right Kind of Jeans

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    It flatters and emphasizes the good points of your body
    The right jeans should show your assets and make it look even better. It should not look awkward on your body when you wear it.
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    It feels comfortable
    The right jeans will be very comfortable to wear, mainly because it hugs your body at the right spots. You also get to avoid that annoying feeling of having to pull or thug your jeans at some parts, just because they are sliding off, don't feel comfortable, or you feel self-conscious that they actually don't look good on you.
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    It remains to be useful, even when you gain a bit of weight
    If you are wearing the most appropriate type of jeans, even when you gain a bit of weight, it still can fit your body properly. This is because most jeans are able to follow the contour of your body. If you are wearing the wrong jeans, just a bit of weight gain can automatically show unsightly bulges here and there. This is because your jeans are actually pushing your muscles and body parts to the wrong direction.
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    It keeps you satisfied with your jeans for a long time and therefore reduces the urge to buy something new often
    If you are comfortable enough with your jeans, going to the mall won't push you to search for jeans. You will always remember that you still have enough reliable jeans to wear and that you are happy to just keep on using that, even if it's everyday. The most common cause of frequent shopping is the feeling of not having enough clothes to wear. In fact, the reality is that there are enough clothes to wear, it's just not the right ones that's why you are not motivated to wear them.
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