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Repair Windows 7 Black Screen of Death

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Black screen of death, sort of. I changed monitor last year?

Running a win 7 copy over an XP loaded version of an original vista 64 bit computer. Recently had an issue with cooling fan operation and motherboard. Changed motherboard and fan in Thailand. My son said the monitor cable had an issue. Now using the system on HDMI and OK for work. Attempting to update monitor driver now. Had no active anti malware/anti virus program running. Was wondering the best method to ensure malware did not trigger issue and if so, to restore before attempting earlier restore point.

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Black Screen of Death. I need help desperately?

I recently found this old PC in my house and started using it. After installing some of the programs I usually use I decided to play an old game (UT99). I installed a custom render and launched the game, but it was highly broken so I decided to revert to the render the game came with. Everything seemed to be normal, but when I was about to join a server, suddenly the monitor lost signal and I couldn't see a thing. The CPU was still running so I decided to restart it. After the restart and logging in, I got a black screen and I couldn't do anything else other than moving my cursor. Tried booting in safe mode and updating the drivers, restoring last known config, but nothing seems to work. Help, please!. Not sure, but I tried most of the things covered there. I have tried: Boot PC with last known configuration, update graphic driver, uninstall updates via safe mode (never actually uninstalled it, but the only updated mentioned that I had was installed in 2011), check windows registry, I think it was caused by: Something regarding the game (weird because it's a game from 1999) or something I installed. (Prior to the black screen, even prior to playing the game I was trying to solve some .dll issues regarding Microsoft Visual C++)

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Repair Windows 7 Black Screen of Death

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