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Becoming priest is one of the noblest callings. Priests are God's teachers to the common people.

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They are the carriers of God's messages of goodness and love to everyone. Priests each serve as the father, teacher, and counselor for a specific parish or community. They are God's instrument to show and spread love to everyone, and they depict how Jesus Christ taught and cared for His disciples. They are the modern version of Jesus. If you think that you have the calling to become a priest, then you may want to continue reading. This article will discuss how one can become a priest and the things that you need to consider and comply to in order to become one.

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Requirements on becoming a priest

The following are requirements for you to become a priest:

  1. 1
    A single male.
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    This is a very basic requirement. A priest should be a male, an unmarried male. An unmarried male is someone who, during the time he started the ways to becoming a priest, is not married. A man who has lost his wife through death (widower) may be allowed to follow the path as long as he promises not to marry again.
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    The will to serve God.
    As a priest, you will be God's servant. You are not to act and decide on your own. You need to consult and pray to God for every decision and action that you make as He is your Master. You recognize that God is the master of everything, including your life and decisions.
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    The will to serve communities.
    God is in the community. God is the community! As much as you want to serve and honor God, you also need to serve his actual embodiment, the community, your brothers and sisters. You need to be their guide and at the same time their adviser so they will follow God's path and plans.
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    The required education.
    You need to complete a college degree and proceed with theological degree from a seminary.
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How to become a priest

The following are the procedures for becoming a priest:

  1. 1
    Finish a college degree.
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    The first step that you need to take is to earn a college degree. Though there are no specific courses that should be taken, it would be advisable to take related degrees in philosophy, history, psychology or theology. These courses will build you the basic knowledge about history and how people think. At college, getting yourself involved in the following activities will greatly help in your formation in becoming a good citizen and a brother to everyone:
    1. Join a religious group. This will help you get closer to God and allows you to connect with other people who share the same thoughts and faith as you. This will also help you get into activities that will strengthen your relationship with the Creator.
    2. Participate in community projects. If there is a tree planting activity, join if you have the time. If there is a community outreach program to a remote place, make sure that you make yourself available. Community projects will help you know more about the people on your community. This, in turn, will raise your awareness on the local issues that the community is facing and will help you give ideas on how you can serve the people who need it.
    3. Get involved with the college ministry. The college ministry is one of the groups or institutions that you want to be associated with. Talk with the college priest about how you can help and be involved in the college ministry; he will be more than willing to discuss this with you.
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    Get to a seminary.
    Once you are done with your college education, inquire about the best seminary for you. Your college ministry can help you with some recommendations and they can even vouch for you, especially if you have been doing well with the institution. At the seminary, you will be further trained for another four to five years to help you become a priest. Depending on the college course that you took, your time on the seminary may be shortened or lengthened. Taking philosophy courses during college years will help you shorten your seminary education. Basically, you will be trained in these four areas:  
    1. Personal Development. These courses will encourage you to take care of yourself physically. You will be assisted in identifying your talents and learning how to cultivate them. You will also be asked to reflect on your psychological and sexual development, help you understand and accept them and find your ways on how you can apply it with the vows of celibacy. This will focus on the physical formation of a candidate.
    2. Intellectual Development. As a priest, you will be considered the teacher of your community. You will take courses on the Scripture, History, Theologies and Canon Laws. This will help you become fit in handling people.
    3. Pastoral Development. As a teacher, you will always be required to communicate with your parishioners. You will take courses about coaching, counseling, ministry skills and liturgical practice. You will also be asked to emerge on parishes for various services as part of your training and familiarization.
    4. Spiritual Development. You will be trained to talk and communicate with God. Your relationship with God will be developed with the help of a Spiritual Counselor.
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    Get an appointment as a deacon.
    This is the stage where you will feel what it's like to be a priest. This is a 180-day test for you to finally evaluate if you are really fit to become a priest. It is important to note that you will be required to take vows of celibacy and fidelity at this point.
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    Get ordained.
    If the bishop sees that you are fit to become a priest, you will be called to the Holy Orders and will be asked to take your vows as a full-pledged priest. As long as you have shown your will and the qualities of a good priest, the bishop will have no reason not to give you the opportunity and honor of becoming a priest.
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In case you were not chosen to be a priest

If you were not chosen to be a priest, you should always keep this in mind:

  1. 1
    Everyone has a different calling and path.
    Not all people are meant to become priests. God has plans for everyone and you should always keep that in mind. Pray to God and ask for guidance during this trying time. Always remember that God will never fail you.
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  2. 2
    There are many ways to serve God and the community.
    There are a lot of different ways to serve God and the community. Being a priest is only one of them. Becoming a parish volunteer, leading religious groups and helping communities are other ways of serving.
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    Acceptance is the good indication of humility.
    You should accept that not all people will get what they always dreamed and wished for. God has planned everything from the start and that is one thing that you should also be accepting.
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