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Are you thinking about a career as a registered nurse? A lot of young people today are enrolling in nursing programs because of the limitless possibilities this career can offer. A successful nursing

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career offers both women and men a vast range of opportunities for travel, career challenges, and professional development. In addition, nursing provides the personal gratification of working in a profession that helps the people to stay healthy and get well.

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The nursing profession is a noble job that demands not only your knowledge in the field, but also your passion and dedication in the health care industry.


How to Become a Nurse

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    Learn what nurses do
    When it comes to the nursing profession, your choices will never end. A registered nurse supports people to achieve, maintain and regain their health across their lifespan. Generally, nurses practice in five different areas of responsibility: Education, direct care, administration, policy, and research.
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    You should know how to lend a helping hand
    Nurses who are in the field of education are responsible for helping people learn how to maintain and attain their health throughout their lives. You may also opt to become a nurse educator where you support other nurses in caring for clients, or you can help potential nurses into entering this noble profession. Direct care nurses, on the other hand, provide health care services to families, individuals, and even groups, so they will achieve the best levels of health. These types of nurses integrate both support and health care to their patients.
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    Proper training is required
    Nurse administrators are in charge in coordinating nursing services, supervising their staff, developing policies and preparing and managing budgets. Nurse researchers are those that review health-care evidence. They are also tasked to ask questions, test various hypotheses, and highlight probable implications before they can make critical recommendations.
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    Know the policies, rules and regulations that are applicable for nurses
    Finally, nurses who work in the policy field are the ones that provide advice on different health-care issues to practically all levels of government, as well as stakeholders in their health settings. They are the ones that advocate, monitor, and observe health-care issues and trends, while providing recommendations for improvements.
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    Know where you will be working
    Registered nurses can work in a wide variety of practice settings. The nursing profession is a career that is filled with advancements and growth. Thus, whatever it is that you are interested — whether working with kids, or observing scientific procedures, or even teaching and promoting healthy practices or involving in high-tech equipment, the field has a lot for you.
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You can work in your community, like at health clinics, schools, wellness programs in a workplace, doctor's offices, home care, poison control centers, family planning clinics, prenatal or well-baby clinic, rehabilitation center, AIDS hospices, or sexually-transmitted illness units.

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In the hospital, you may choose to work as a nurse either in the emergency unit, intensive care, operation room, post-surgery, maternity, post-surgery, cardiovascular, psychiatry, oncology, pediatrics, palliative, or geriatrics.

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  • Nursing Education. To have the best nursing profession, it requires you to have the knowledge, personal skills and attributes that the current health system demands of a registered nurse through broad-based bachelor's nursing program. Nursing students should have a vast knowledge of child development, psychology, anatomy and physiology.

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