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Charge and Know the Battery Status of Samsung Galaxy S4

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Battery disconnected on S4 active. what to do?

Battery problem or phone problem


Currently, you are having problems with your Samsung Galaxy S4 phone that you cannot tell if this is a problem with the battery or with the phone itself. When you say battery disconnected, I am not sure what you mean by that. If you mean that your phone keeps on rebooting or the phone is not starting on, refer below on how you can isolate and it possible cause.

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Here is how you check if its a battery issue nor hardware. Try to check from your friends or relatives if they have the same phone as your and ask a favor to try their battery to your phone and test if it does the same issue or not. If you do not want to borrow then you can purchase one instead. This isolation does not stop there, if the battery works well on your phone then it was the battery that is causing the problem.

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A work around on this is to try your battery to another phone with the same model as yours for you to determine if this is an issue of the battery or not.

If you have a charging problem on the phone, try to use another charger if you have a spare or from another Samsung phone from Galaxy line model. Try also to connect the phone to a computer and leave it for at least an hour and see if it will charge the battery for you to know if this is a problem with the battery, charger or phone. You could also insert the battery to a different phone then charge it till its full and insert it back on your phone and see if it works properly.

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Checking the hardware would be difficult. You cannot judge if its a hardware problem by troubleshooting or isolating the battery if it was the one cause this issue. What you can do only is try to move the bronze prong going out for it to properly reach and tap the battery panel and see if it does the same issue.

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If all else fail, what you can do is have the phone check its internal components. If you know how to check the internal components. Much better, you save extra bucks and less time.

If you do not know how to repair or check a phone's internal components, it is best that you take it to an electronic repair shop near you to have it check and repair as well. This way you would know the cause and how much you will be spending for its repair.

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Tip bar on GS4 turning green sometimes?

The top bar where the phone shows the time, battery level, WiFi connection and so on, turns green. It's a light green color that you can see through. Later it will revert to normal.


Are you on a call just before this happens? The top notifications bar turns green when you are on a call and go to your home screen. You may have still been on that call if you did not exit properly. If this keeps occurring and you are not on any phone calls then put your phone into Recovery Mode and choose Wipe Cache Partition. This will not wipe out your data like a hard reset but will delete background unnecessary cache that could be causing the issue.

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Is it something wrong with the phone or the battery?

My battery was completely drained and I am trying to charge it. at first the charger kept chipping in and out. I switched the batteries and its saying battery disconnected when I put the Samsung battery in. When it says battery disconnected, the battery sign also goes

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Before you start doing anything else, plug in the phone and charge it for at least 10 hours or until it possible shows that it is charged 100%. What I personally think is happening is that it is not your battery or phone but the charger and cable itself. Do not get me wrong, you could still have say a loose charging port. That can be fixed by removing the battery and taking a the end of a paperclip or toothpick and carefully centering your charging port connection. The chargers we get from the phone when we purchase them only last for so long. In fact, they seem to get worse each time you buy a new phone. These companies make their money on accessories such as chargers and cables so why invest in a sturdy reliable cable when the customer can just purchase a new one from Samsung for example. If you have another cable, please test that out with the phone. I had the same issue you are experiencing and went out and purchased a new battery only to find out it was the charger itself all along. My phone was only about one year old at the time. If you do not have another cable, connect the charger to another phone such as your friends to see how well it charges their phone. This will help you determine what the cause is.

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Charging problem (info: battery disconnected)?

When I connect my S4 Active through USB to computer for charging then it shows battery disconnected and beeping LED light why its showing it while every thing is OK.

Your charger port connector pin is probably jammed or coming into contact with the Active phone case. You can right this as explained above with a small object and a little wiggling. A more risky approach is some have said that dropping the phone from about two feet has also fixed the issue.

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Charge and Know the Battery Status of Samsung Galaxy S4
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Phone is ON, saying battery disconnected, gets stuck a lot and reboots often?

Phone is ON saying battery disconnected, gets stuck a lot and reboots often

Take the back off your phone and remove the battery. Wipe off the gold pin flashing where the battery connects to the phone and clean around the connection on the battery itself. Turn the phone back on and see if this helps. If it does not then try turning the phone on while holding the battery snuggly. If you do not experience issues then your battery is wiggly and jiggly. Sometimes placing a few pieces of scotch tape or replacing the back of your phone will fix this. But be careful as when you are charging your battery or using your phone, the battery heats up which can melt the scotch tape.

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My Samsung S4 is giving me a Battery disconnected error?

It won't turn off just blinking red light and Battery disconnected

Charge the phone and remove the battery while the phone is still connected to the charger. Wait a few minutes then insert the battery back in and reboot your phone.

When my battery is full, mobile works fine,but when I connect the charger to the mobile it shows an error (battery charging disconnected), and does not charge?

When its OFF, and I connect the charger, the screen shows an error with a battery disconnect

You have a loose charging port connection pin and that is why you are seeing the error, specifically if it only occurs when charging with the phone off.

'Battery disconnected' displayed on the screen?

I am using Samsung Trend plus and when I connect a charger, it states battery disconnected. What might be the problem?

Any one of the solutions to one of the problems could be the same for your Samsung Trend. It is probably resolvable for you to remove the battery while charging the phone. This or your connection port may be damaged.

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My phone is Galaxy Note 1, it shows battery disconnected?

I recently repaired it, but now its not working and shows battery disconnected every time

If they repaired the phone by removing the hard case then your charging port probably needs to be centered and is coming into contact with the edges of your phone case.

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