Avoid the 5 Fashion Mistakes Women Make

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Clothing speaks volumes about your personality and taste. Wearing a fashionable outfit sets you apart from the crowd as well as making a statement. You stand out looking beautiful, elegant, and stylish.

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Being fashionable for women usually involves trendy accessories or the latest style in clothes.

In some cases you'll find that you do well shopping online. Online shopping offers the latest collections at reasonable price--many even at discounted rates. There is a drawback to making your purchase online, however. The inability to try on clothing means that you don't know if it will fit or look good on you.

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Why are women fashion crazed?

Wearing a trendy outfit gives women a feeling of being part of the in-crowd. It uplifts one's mood, gives a feeling of confidence and makes you feel beautiful. A beautiful dress makes you feel beautiful. However, if the dress doesn't look good on you-- because the fit is not right, or the color doesn't suit you, no matter how pretty the dress is, the effect is not a good one. Surveys reveal that women are buying clothes even if aren't to their tastes. They pick dresses that are "in' at the moment.

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Some influencing factors that pressure women to look fashionable are media, friends, and co-workers. Women go on buying fashionable clothing and accessories that do not match their personal style. It is puzzling why many women spend lavishly on trendy items yet dislike those items personally. With this trend of merely buying for the sake of being dubbed fashionista, women are making some serious fashion faux pas. To avoid blunders in their style, they have to learn to avoid some fashion traps.

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Here are Five Fashion Oversights commonly Committed by Women and How to Avoid the Traps:

  1. 1
    Passionate on fashion craze.
    1. Some women buy and collect all the fashion magazines. They watch ramp shows. They read the lifestyle and fashion section, and even keep up with all the sources from the internet. How could that be a mistake?  
      1. Relying too heavily on media to influence your style and wardrobe gives you the risk of being a fashion prey.
      2. Most magazines and TV shows featuring the latest fashion aim to stimulate an aspiration or desired effect to the viewer.
      3. Fabulous clothes are paraded by fabulous models and you want to look like them.
    2. The setback here:  
      1. Most likely, you can't have enough money to buy the clothes they show, and clothes aren't going to turn you into a model or a celebrity look-alike.
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  2. 2
    Buying clothes that don't fit.
    1. You have a weight problem and hopeful that you are going to lose weight, you buy clothes smaller than your supposed size.  
      1. Never buy something too small even if it's a sale item.
      2. Even the length of your blazer or coat sleeves and the hem of your pants can make or break your outfit.
    2. Tips to make your garments fit  
      1. A long-sleeved is supposed to hit just below the wrist bone with a little ease (not too tight or loose).
      2. Your blouse should never gap open at the bust-line. Even if your top fits, the problem may be due to wide-spaced front buttons. You can easily fasten a snap in between the buttons.
      3. Fond of wearing tight-fitting skirt? To check the fit without sliding up or wrinkling, do the sit-down test.
      4. On Hemline. Skirts have to be entirely even all the way around. If you have a big tummy or wide hip, it fits differently. Have it altered or re-hemmed.
      5. Tailored pants hem fall to the top of your instep.
      6. Long and formal gowns fall just about an inch off the ground.
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  3. 3
    Creating a mish-mash wardrobe by buying odds and ends.
    1. Buying miscellaneous items on sale can make sense. But there's a hitch:  
      1. The availability of these off-price stocks lured shoppers and impressed on them that these minor expenses won't swell your wardrobe concept or budget. In truth, these unnecessary items just crowd your wardrobe.
    2. It's never too late. Here are solutions:  
      1. Refrain from impulse buying.
      2. Organize - Clean your closet. Remove everything that doesn't fit anymore. Include those you have not worn for a year now.
      3. Do another round after a week. You can still find clothing you need to eliminate that you intentionally left out.
      4. With the remaining clothes, sort them by theme – style or cut, color and occasions.
      5. Group by colors. Then combine three colors that can match or coordinate. Every time you buy, focus only on those three colors to harmonize with that available apparel.
      6. Plan around a workable budget.
      7. Work out a list or inventory of all the items you still need in your wardrobe.
      8. If you are a weekly shopper, set aside one hour a week to shop, malls or online.
      9. Ignore trendy items. They have short lifespan!
      10. Opt for clothing that can last two or three seasons.
      11. Buy only clothes that can coordinate with something you already have.
      12. For those that don't fit no matter how great it looks, pass pass on it.
      13. You can still add one or two items that you fancy every month.
      14. To enhance your clothing, your accessories, bag, and shoes can do it.
      15. Constantly get rid and replenish essential wardrobe pieces once you are able to organize it. You are never stuck without a necessary item.
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  4. 4
    Getting stuck in a style rut.
    1. Style rut is referred to as a look routine that people see you in the same style of outfit, even your hair that begins to look like your uniform. It seems as if you have been stuck in a time warp. You look the same every day. Thus, you have fallen into a style rut. This fashion mistake is more common in aging women. They become so comfortable wearing the old standbys that they see no need for change. They often only shop for clothes once each season. All it takes is a little tweak to the basics that you already own and you can look fabulous.
    2. How to keep your look in vogue:  
      1. It's about time for you to buy women's magazine, not the one with food on the cover, but one geared toward fashion. Examples are Harper's Bazaar or Elle, W Magazine and Vogue.
      2. Try a different store for a different brand or labels. You can be surprised at what you are missing.
      3. Dare to wear some bold colors. Be aware of the trending color for every season. You can also make use of scarf as a colorful accent to your attire.
      4. To update your look, accessorize. Sport a chic handbag, sexy footwear or a nice dressy, beaded necklace.
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  5. 5
    Choosing the wrong undergarments.
    This is a common blunder among celebrities parading at the red carpet when they are attending awards events. Looking good in designer dresses but if you only know their suffering wearing those heavy body trimmers they wrapped around their body to look slimmer, the push-up bras and even the invisible tape to conceal something. They have to endure that. With ladies who are not celebrities but are donning these undergarments, it's a suffering just to hide the bumps and bulges, but there are tricks to these.  
    1. How to wear undergarments right underneath:  
      1. To fit it right, shop at a good store and ask assistance in taking your measurement, then you are also assisted to choose the right bra, corset or girdle based on your measurement.
      2. For full breasted women a full cup with underwire is recommended. There are minimizers to help reduce the bust-line.
      3. For smaller busts, opt for a push-up bra with padding.
      4. For fitted bottoms, wear thongs or the super-smooth underwear. Be sure panty garters are not showing at the waistline.
      5. To conceal, varicose veins, uneven tans, razored legs, choose a nude color, sheer pantyhose to have the same effect as your skin shade.
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Tips, Tricks and Warnings

  • Avoid having "the best" of everything. No matter how well-made your garment is, it is also prone to coffee and food spills and moth infestation.
  • Plan your wardrobe around these neutral or earth colors – black, white, khaki or brown and navy.
  • Buy more solid colors than printed ones. This makes it easier to mix and match so you won't get tired of them quickly.
  • If you are not sure of what's latest, ask the salesperson and she can tell you what's in, what's hot.
  • Don't do a radical make-over on yourself. DO it in a subtle way over a period of time.

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