Attach a Bottle Cage to a Bike

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Hello and welcome to VisiHow. Today I'm going to show you how to Attach a bottle cage to your touring, mountain, or road bike.

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    We're going to attach the bottle cage here where the eyelets are already here in the frame
    They have already been inserted into the frame when the frame was made to allow bottle cages to be attached to them.
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    You should have two screws with your bottle cage
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    We're going to use an Allen Key, which you should have in your bicycle tool kit
    First we're going to position the bottle cage so that I can place the screws into the hole. I'm going to do this manually with my fingers for now, until I need to turn the screw. Screw it in as much as possible with your fingers.
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    Then we can use our Allen key to tighten it until it is no longer moving
    Make sure it's nice and tight. It's a good idea to spray it with some WD-40 to keep it nice and fresh and prevent it from rusting.
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    Give it a good shake to feel how secure it is
    You don't want it coming loose when you're cycling. Check and recheck just to be sure and secure. Now it is secured, you can put your water bottle in and you're ready to go.
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    This is how to attach a bottle cage to your mountain, touring or road bike
    If you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the section below. This is VisiHow. Goodbye.
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