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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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Are we allowed to talk if we have vocal cord palsy?


One is allowed to talk when he or she has vocal cord palsy, but the problem would be the difficulty for one suffering from vocal cord damage. In its worst stage, a person will have a hard time making a sound. The voice gets too raspy or squeaky. Some people also feel very weak when they try to talk. It is beneficial, though, for a person to talk only when needed to give the throat some rest.

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Yes, those people who have vocal cord palsy are allowed to talk. If they know when or not to talk then it is much better so that it cannot worsen the vocal cord palsy. People who have vocal cord palsy just have to say a few words or not talk too much. They can also just tell what they want to say through gestures. And people who have vocal cord palsy must take a rest, so take a rest in talking or not talk too long, just a few words and they must not shout and yell.

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Did Bruce Springsteen have nodules on his vocal cords?


Yes, Bruce Springsteen had nodules on his vocal cords.

I think he might have once and have a surgery to remove it, but on the other hand, Bruce himself can only answer that. As someone says that Bruce is really a discipline the way he look after herself. And also since he is well disciplined, he always saves his voice. Maybe in that way he manage to preserve his voice.

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What happens when vocal cords close too hard?


It causes vocal cord dysfunction because the closing of vocal cords makes it difficult for air to flow in and out of your lungs.

Below are the symptoms felt when the vocal cords close too hard:

1. Difficulty in breathing. The vocal cord is located at the upper part of the trachea going to the lungs which is a passageway of air. If the vocal cord closes too tight, you will experience difficulty in breathing.

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2. Change in the quality of voice. When you speak, the air in the voice box vibrate causing a distinct sound which is your voice. If the vocal cord closes too tight, your voice will be greatly affected changing it's quality.

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3. Difficulty in swallowing.

4. Difficulty in speaking loudly.

5. Diminish gag reflex.

The above stated symptoms are the most common symptoms felt if your vocal cord closes too tightly.

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Is licorice good for vocal cord paralysis?

Yes, by drinking herbal tea and licorice will help your vocal chords in regards to keeping them warm and soothing your throat. It is also recommended that you drink black licorice rather than any other in order to help your throat in regards to healing it from any type of damage.

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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids
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What exercises can I do to thicken my vocal chords?

Continuously sip water through a straw without swallowing in order to help strengthen your throat thus thickening and exercising your vocal chords at the same time.

Does swimming hurt your vocal chords?

No, it actually helps your vocal chords. You can practice breathing techniques while you swim. This helps you strengthen your diaphragm and improve your breathing.

What are the signs of overstressed vocal cords?

A sign of overstressed vocal chords will be if you have a sore throat or have lost your voice. For example you to go to sporting event and scream/cheer, afterwards you notice you have lost your voice as a result of stressing your vocal chords.

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Can fish oil help a singer maintain moisture on vocal cords?

Fish oil is good for the body overall. It does have a moisturizing effect to the body, and that will include your vocal cords. If you have a specific need for a moisturized vocal cords, let's say right before a performance, it would help to take in fish oil. However, remember that the effect would not be immediate and that you may need to take in other things that will help moisturize vocal cords.

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Is eating curd bad for vocal chord?

As far as I can tell there will be no direct damage to your vocal cords from eating it.

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What do vocalists do to prevent injury to their vocal chords?

Vocalists keep their voices clean and healthy for the most part in order to ensure that their vocals do not become injured. There can be a number of ways from watching what they eat, drink or even how they rest their vocals the proper way.

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1. Rest vocals after straining them

2. Practice frequently so that you exercise your vocals properly

3. Drink lemon juice to help kill the mucus in your throat

4. Honey s good to coat your throat to keep your throat from being dry

5. Drink plenty of fluids to keep your throat moist.

How do the vocal cords help the rest of the body stay healthy?

Apart from its function on speech and language, the vocal cords are the two adjacent folds within the larynx that functions primarily as a valve which closes when you swallow and then simultaneously opens up when you breathe. This is a vital organ which works collaboratively with all the major respiratory organs like the lungs and trachea for adequate respiration. This prevents choking when eating and supports proper breathing.

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