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Cheat Pokemon Light Platinum (on GBA Emulator)

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Are there gba4ios game shark cheats?

I need gba4ios game shark cheats


Yes, the gameshark codes can be found by performing a search for the game along with the codes. Also in the iOS simply tap on the Add tab in order to be able to add cheats to your game depending on what you are playing the codes will be different.

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You can go to the main article as it has a list of Gameshark codes for you to apply in your game, but you must have Pokemon Light Platinum version to apply the cheats. Not all cheats will work as there might only be few cheat being supported by the application and it may need a patch from the developer of the app.

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Read the article below for more information about cheats for Pokemon Light Platinum on the Visual Boy Advance emulator.

What is the code for arceus and catch Pokemon trainer?

what is it ?


You have to type "Arceus" and the effect of that would be for you to have 10 Arceus. For Pokemon trainer, you have to type "master trainer" and this will give you 500 master balls.

What is the Cheat CODE for all key items?

I need the ticket for plane in bramboch town


This depends on which device you are using. The codes may not be the same for all. Also, you would need to do a trial and error of some codes. If you visit the gaming forums and also developer sites, you will see that a lot of people actually share their experiences with a particular code. That will help a lot in identifying the one that works best for you.

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See more questions like this: What is the Master code for GameShark

What is cheat master ball and rare candy?

Pokemon light platinum and Pokemon dark rising

I have in fact located the cheat that you can use in order to gain master balls and also the rare candy cheats for your game. Here is the code that you will need to input for use on the game:

Master Ball

82025BD 00001

Cheat video on rare candy


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Cheat Pokemon Light Platinum (on GBA Emulator)
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What is the cheat for rare candy?

I want to know whether you need something else with it

Just follow these simple steps for rare candy cheat:

  • First off, you should arrange the column of items on the bags in this particular order:

-1 potion on top

- Set the orange mail right below it

- The rest of the items should follow on the bottom

  • Type this Gameshark code and name it as as RARE CANDY:


3.Open your bag to see that the 99 mails have turned into 99 rare candies.

I am looking for rare candy glitch on the my boy GBA emulator?

How do I get infinite rare candies

Here is how you can get unlimited rare candies on my boy GBA emulator:

  • Travel northward to Viridian City
  • On your item list, put rare candy sixth by doing the following:

Start >> Items >> Rare Candy >> Select >> scroll until you get to the 6th item >> Select

  • Make a conversation with the bald man
  • If the bald man asks if you are in a hurry, select "No" option.
  • Go to Cinnabar Island
  • Surf to the West Coast.
  • If you encounter Missingno, just run away. Never attempt to capture him. This is a Pokemon virus that will cause problems on your game.
  • You have now successfully reaped infinite rare candies!

Procedure to catch trainer Pokemon in dark rising Pokemon version?

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What language is used for step number eight?

For step number eight what type of code is it because the three replacements can only fit in code breaker but the other two can only fit in the other two kind of cheats, what do I do?

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What is gameshark action replay codes and how do we use that?

I play the Pokemon game in "MY BOY " emulator. I typed the code for the evolution stone. It automatically showed that it is a gameshark action replay code and I played the game but I don't know if we should activate it somehow or it works automatically

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Sir what is the code of Arceus,palkia,dialga for Pokemon dark rising 1?

Its hard to get the Pokemon name that we gave to you sir

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