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Detect a gold digger

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Is my girlfriend a gold digger?

Hi, I have been dating a Russian girl for a few months and I suspect she is a gold digger. A recent example, I gave her 1100 euros for a make up kit only to discover online that it cost 300.

She would not let me enter the shop to buy it because she did not want her ex-husband to find out about me and the lady selling the goods knows them both.

Prior to this she met me at airport and flowered me with texts but as soon as the item was bought, no texts and no messages.

I guess I know the answer to this - but is she a gold digger? I am finding it hard to break away because stupidly I am in love with her.


She may be rather materialistic and she may be needing extra money at this time, that's why she tried to increase the value of the item that she's trying to purchase. You would need to observe her further though, as one particular instance like that may not be sufficient for you to make a harsh conclusion that she is a gold digger. If possible, you may want to discuss this with her as well, especially that in any relationship, transparent communication is really important. You may want to hear her side on why she declared a different value to you as compared to the real cost of the item she bought. Also, try to see whether you are not making any mistakes in your investigation. There are cases where the item may be cheaper online and then more expensive at the actual store or that she probably bought something else at the store. Overall, this boils down to establishing an honest communication with her for you to find out what really is going on.

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Have I married a gold digger and should I dump her?

After corresponding, for an extended period of time, and sending money monthly, I traveled to Ghana last September and married a woman 20 years younger than myself. In the meantime, I have had great difficulty in getting an immigration visa for her. What troubles me the most is that when we were together for 2 weeks in Ghana she seemed to think only of herself. Even though I went to great expense to travel there and had brought her several gifts, she immediately started asking for additional stuff - new shoes, money for her mother, etc. What is worse is that she tried to make me feel guilty if I did not satisfy her every wish. If the immigration visa does not come through, I am thinking of dumping her. In the meantime she has asked for me to get her a small apartment in Ghana; she currently lives in her family home with other siblings. Apparently she and her sisters do not get along thus she wants to go solo in an apartment. Your thoughts please.

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