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Know if Someone Is Spying on My Phone

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Are double messages from someone a sign that he is spying on me?

I've been getting double messages from one person. I also have double pictures which I've only taken once. This person seems to know things that I haven't told him and mentions it in a roundabout way. He has been around my house overnight, and I'm worried that he's spying on either my phone or my WiFi. How can I check if this is happening and how can I stop it?

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First of all, check if you have programs that double the function. For example, two or more SMS message applications (Go SMS and Handcent SMS or something like that) or two or more photo camera applications. You will need to keep only one of each type. Pictures can be synchronized to an account like Picasa and downloaded back to your phone as doubles.

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The other details do arouse suspicion of spyware installed on your phone, and your further actions will depend on whether you want to press charges against the person. The best thing is using cable Internet and mobile data for your phone at home, but if it is not possible, then just increase the password security by creating a new password for your WiFi network. If he has not touched your computer or your mobile phone, then he cannot spy on these devices.

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If you wish to open a court case or want to see if you are being spied upon.

  • If there is a chance that he touched either, then you will need to check your computer for malware first. It is important not to cure the computer of malware that was supposedly installed by the person so that he is brought to court. You can use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Spybot: Search and Destroy to detect threats. Examine threats by looking them up online, and if they have to do something with spying on mobile devices or sniffing WiFi. Check if some new programs were installed on your computer.
  • Now, check your mobile phone. Does it have increased Internet traffic? Is it jailbroken or rooted (it can be told by programs like SuperSU or Cydia on your phone)? Has it become slower? Are there strange applications, or icons, installed that you have not seen before? Does it heat up and discharge faster than usual? All of these can be a sign of a spy program installed on your phone.
  • Check your house for secret cameras or devices lying around. Some people go as far as installing audio and video surveillance without consent.
  • Check your email client or other programs like social networks for IP address log-in attempts, if it is possible.
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If you do not wish to open a court case and just want to stop it.

  • Cure your computer with the aforementioned programs.
  • Change your WiFi password to a more secure one.
  • Hard reset your mobile phone (see our tutorials for iPhone and Android), which will erase all of the data and spy applications.
  • Change all of your social network and email passwords to unique ones. Add extra security measures to those too (like adding a phone number for confirmations).

How can I see if my mobile operator is spying and taking my information from my cell?

My battery seems to be running down quicker. When making or receiving a call I hear other voices on the line. If this is from my operator then they have lawfully broken invasion of privacy law in South Africa and people should know.

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Hard reset your device. This will remove all of the unnecessary clutter or an app that may be causing the battery to drain faster. If you recently received a software upgrade or your battery is more than a year old, that also could be why it is draining faster than normal. Certain apps are also "battery hogs" which can drain your battery so if you installed a new one recently then uninstall it.

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To know if my mobile has any spy app?

Spy app identification and to understand how it works. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: A few recordings


Whoever alerted you that there may be recordings is the one that installed the spy app. The ways theses apps work is the app hides in the background. Everything you do on the phone can be displayed for them in a control panel. Some apps like FlexiSpy also allow for recordings of phone calls. These apps can even listen in on background noises without you being aware. If you suspect a spy app, hard reset your device immediately.

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I suspected someone/telecommunication is spying on my cellphone for a long time and hacked my Gmail and Facebook account?

Just need to know who is spying on me for listening, involving my messages and the whole of documents inside my phone. And how can I prevent it?

This could be anyone that has access to your cell phone. Also, if your password was the same for the Gmail and Facebook accounts then you could have been compromised that way too. Change the passwords to both accounts. Do not make them the same on both websites. Then hard reset your device to remove any malware. You should also scan your PC and tablet if you have either one of those.

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Know if Someone Is Spying on My Phone
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I suspect someone is spying on my WhatsApp messages?

Someone has printed chats of my messages. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: No idea

Then that person has a spy app on your device or forwarded the messages from your phone to theirs. Who has had close access to your phone? WhatsApp, unfortunately, does not have a password that you can change. What you should do is hard reset your device and reinstall WhatsApp. Then put a screen lock on your device. This will make it harder for someone to gain quick access and install a spy app.

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See more questions like this: How can I stop someone from spying on my WhatsApp messages?

I would like to start spying on my boyfriend's text but I want to make sure he doesn't know it's me?

Just need to make some big decisions regarding our relationship. something doesn't feel right. want to make sure he is being honest. but I also don't want him to know I'm checking. . and I want to make sure I'm not being spied on

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If you install a spy app on his device, you can never mention something from his phone unless he has told you about it. This will make him aware that you are monitoring his device. If you are about to make a major decision, speaking to your boyfriend is the best method to determine that decision. If you still need answers and can't trust his, then the relationship is over anyway.

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How to detect spy on phone please help?

Double apps n settings with diff icons..appS icon on screen but not on app list..lights up from lock screen..not responding or acting like it should..weird things on data usage screen..user account accessed. I have tried: Hard reset anti-malware spy... I think it was caused by: Don't know

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Are you sure you hard reset your device properly? Do it again. But this time to not back up anything. Install your favorite apps one at a time and see if it is one of those apps that is changing the way your phone operates. It sounds like you should hard reset the device and then reinstall the OS. Seems you may have a corrupted OS that is causing this.

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I think someone took a picture of me while I was in the bathroom and watching a YouTube video. Is this possible?

I was in the restroom looking at my smart phone and I heard the camera click. I covered the lens and my phone turned off after that.

That is pretty suspicious. Hard reset your device immediately. There are certain devices that activate the camera with a hard key button. Maybe you tapped that without realizing it. Hard reset your device to give yourself peace of mind that no one is remotely monitoring you.

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I'm sure my husband has put something on my mobile to read my text as he set the Gmail up for me?

My phone dies quickly and he seems to know stuff only said on my phone. I have tried: I had something called whisper but my son turned it off

OK. If you use Hangouts as your main SMS app then he can read them with your Gmail account if he has the credentials. Did you change your Gmail password? Try that. Then put a lockscreen on your phone in the event that he is reading the messages while you are sleeping. If he still brings up things you have sent via text, then hard reset your device to remove any spy apps.

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All on the same network, is my iPad vulnerable also?

On the same network/WiFi - is my iPad vulnerable as well?

Yes, any device connected to the same WiFi network can be compromised.

I saw early morning that mobile was trying different combination to unlock my phone?

I saw early morning that mobile was trying different combination to unlock my phone. Is it possible ?. I have tried: Checking out the possibilities and trying to make complaints. I think it was caused by: Gmail IDs for me and my husband is already logged in. I have got my phone second hand.

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This could be an OS issue with the lockscreen. Then again, if your husband knows your code, do you have kids that could have possibly been trying to access your device? Hard reset your device in the event that it was an OS issue. This will remove the lockscreen that is about to fail.

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I want to find out who put installed spyhuman on my mobile?

I now it has been downloaded but I want to know how to find the mobile number of the phone that is listening in

You can't. This is why people pay for these spy apps so they can remain anonymous. The easiest way to find out is who seems suspicious around you after you hard reset the device. Because they will no longer be able to monitor your device. Also, see who tries to gain access to your device.

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How do I check and see if I am sharing information?

I think someone has tapped my phone.it gets hot and the battery stays dead. It will have 60% battery and go dead and then I might make a call and it will echo

This sounds more like an OS/Battery issue. Replace the battery and hard reset your device. If you recently upgraded the OS, you will want to put the phone back into Recovery Mode and choose Wipe Cache Partition which removes conflicts from old OS to new OS.

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My Android mobile is being hacked by someone, can you help me?

Someone is hacking my calls, messages, social media. But I'm not able to find who is hacking and how they are getting my data from my mobile. Can you help me find the software in my mobile? Nothing covered by the article, but just help out from the issue of hacking. I have tried: I don't know anything about my phone to explain to you, can you help out me with this problem?

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You won't find any spy app on your mobile. Hard resetting the mobile is the only way to remove the app. Do this immediately. Then change all the passwords to your social media accounts.

Hi I think that someone is spying on my Samsung Galaxy 4?

My phone constantly pings when I plug it into the wall. It never did that before I moved into my apt. It started after I left my phone inside of my apt overnight and when I came back it was giving my problems. I believe that some other tenants have a key to my apt who may have been in the unit before me and has come in and did something to my phone.

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There is a notification setting that pings when you plug your phone into to be charged. Go into the Settings and see if it is enabled. I doubt previous tenants would do something to your phone. If they wanted to go through the trouble of breaking into the apartment in the middle of the night, they would have taken the phone and other valuables.

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How can we identify if any data from mobile is getting uplaoded in background?

Currently my home internet has been very slow and when I checked with BB service provider they said there has been lot of uploading. but there was no uploading activity from my side. Can we identify if the mobile is been hacked or a spyware has been running on my mobile

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