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Detect a gold digger

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Are all gold diggers evil?


The end does not justify the means, they say. When one gets into a relationship with someone who has more money than him or her, it is not necessarily evil. Who doesn't want to live comfortably? Gold-digging does, however, become evil when the person's motive is to make his or her own life convenient, by using someone he or she doesn't really care about for money. There are also examples when a guy gets into a relationship with a rich woman, does all he can make the woman fall for him, but then uses her money and resources to get another woman - one he truly is into. This is one situation where a gold digger is especially evil.

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If I am going to base my answer to the definition of the word gold digger and evil, then my answer is yes. One definition of the words gold digger is a greedy person who marries a wealthy person with the intent of acquiring the person's wealth and the definition of the word evil is morally wrong or doing something that is not moral. No matter how bad or noble your cause is, if your intention is to marry a wealthy person just to acquire it's wealth either for your personal gain or for a noble cause like helping your family, the end result is still you are doing a morally wrong action. The term gold digger is also a slang for a greedy person which the word greedy is one of the characteristics of being an evil person.

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Overall how many gold diggers are out there?


Well, no one can really tell if how many gold diggers out there and their exact number. Because you would not know if they were actually a gold digger if they haven't done a thing or you don't know if they have done it already unless you have tried knowing some. Eventually, those people called gold diggers are just a bunch of lazy people who naturally intend to get some cash from people whom they know that is madly in-love with them and grab that chance to dig some cash. Who knows, maybe we have already met someone like them, but we just really don't know it.

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There is no definite number of how many gold diggers are in the world. If this number were available it would be in the thousands as a good estimate but there is no way to calculate this for sure. You will just need to remain alert at all time through the steps in the article so that you can spot out the warning signs.

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Will a gold digger turn good?


There are possibilities that they will become different eventually, especially if you actually help them realize more about the right way to earn legitimate money. There are also cases where a gold digger only becomes one because of a specific need at the moment. What is really important here is that you protect yourself from getting abused by gold diggers. At the same time, when relating with one, you have to try to set their mindset straight about these types of matters.

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