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Get your girlfriend to forgive

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Apology letter to girlfriend for making her feel bad?


You have to show her that you recognize what you have done wrong and that you recognize how that has affected her. Women appreciate it a lot when their boyfriends pay attention to how they feel and if you focus on this, that can help to make her feel better.

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Can you help me make a letter to my girlfriend?

I've been so rude and insensitive to her, just because of something she wants to do but not okay with me. Thanks!


Trapping your girlfriend into what you think is right for her is not a solution. Even if you disagree with her decision to do something, offer support and encouragement. When you try to block her, she may stand her ground even more rather than thinking things through. We all hate to be told "No" and often go into a defensive mode of trying to prove the other person that they are wrong.

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Compose a letter of encouragement. Explain to her that you were not trying to control her but you have some concerns about her decision. Address the concerns but promise to support her decision no matter what it is. Apologize for how rude and insensitive you were previously and assure her that you will work on how you treat her.

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How can I apologize to my girlfriend because I cheated on her with her best friend?

I cheated on my girlfriend with her best friend in our apartment. We are so close because we work together


Cheating with her best friend was one of the vilest things you could have done. When you did that you took away her emotional support of a best friend and blew up all trust she had in the both of you. For an apology of this magnitude, you need to get on your knees and beg for forgiveness. Own up to how foolish and selfish you were to do what you did to her. You are going to have to give her time to process this all. Avoid any unnecessary communication with her best friend. Keep conversations to work necessities and that is it.

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If you want to keep your relationship there will be a long road of healing the pain that you caused her. Have patience and exercise the utmost in respect for her feelings. Even is she rages at you on a regular basis, you will need to take it and acknowledge that this is all because of your actions.

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I keep apologizing to my girlfriend but nothing seems to work. Could you help me with an apology letter?

A year ago my girlfriend was celebrating the Jewish holiday with her family. I wasn't invited. A girlfriend that she has known for years invited me over to have Jewish holiday dinner with her family. We didn't say anything to her because she didn't want me to be there without her being there. I waited a while before telling her about this because I felt bad keeping this from her. I also had thanksgiving dinner with her husband and family and told her about that too. Me and my girlfriend were out for dinner. She brought her ex-boyfriend. She said; she was having lunch with him to catch up on things, but I have nothing to worry about. I make a mistake and said, her girlfriend told me your ex-boyfriend was mean to you and talked down to you, why would you want to see him. I receive a text from her; she said the sad part to me is. I kept waiting for a text saying something like. It is a little time since we talked. Have been thinking and realizing different feelings and understanding what I did over nothing. Which makes these years for you to be afraid, to tell the truth. I must be a horrible mean scary devil person. So it is not just one issue there are several. Lastly, I wish you would have tried before I had to comment. Could you help me on this? Thank you so much. I have tried: Not tell her the truth. I think it was caused by: Not being honest with her.

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It sounds like you both are young and insecure. Trust issues can damage a relationship beyond repair and you are both playing a dangerous game with your relationship. You should have been completely honest with her in the beginning that you did not want to celebrate the holiday alone and since you were not invited to her house, you chose the other option. Let her know that there is no threat to the relationship when you see this girlfriend because she is married and you love only your girlfriend. Be honest about wanting this relationship to work out but you both need to resolve some issues in the relationship. You will both have to learn to trust each other again and that is not easy to do immediately.

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In the future, be upfront with her immediately even if it will mean a confrontation. Communication is extremely necessary in a relationship. You or she may not like what is said but it is better to be upfront from the beginning. Give yourselves time to work out a disagreement before it festers.

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Get your girlfriend to forgive
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Want to write a letter but don't want to bring up the bad feelings?

Well for a while I put my girlfriend's request of me aside for my own selfish reasons. After a while, she became fed up and moved out. She said she is not going anywhere and still loves me but I know what I have to do to reopen her heart for me. I have tried: Working hard on changing the bad qualities of myself. I think it was caused by: Just my own selfishness and ignorance

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Write a heartfelt letter to her about how you see now that your selfishness and ignorance made her lose confidence in you. If you are changing your ways, she will notice and respond appropriately. Request that you both set up an action plan for the changes that need to be made before she will move back in. If you have not fulfilled any of her requests you will want to begin rectifying that immediately to show her that you want to work as a team.

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The good news is that you see the error of your ways and want to change them for the benefit of the relationship. We all have moments of selfishness in a relationship but the trick is to find balance before it harms our significant other's confidence and trust in us.

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My girlfriend want to break up with me simply, I could not pay her bills?

My girlfriend wants to break with me because I don't have money to take care of her needs. What should I do to keep her?. I have tried: I tell her I don't have, not that I refused to provide her needs. I think it was caused by: She is in need of money serious to settles her bills.

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I need a long letter to post on twitter to make her sad?

Her name is Olivia and we've been dating for 10 months and I messed up bad and I love her so much and she is about to move on. Because I want to make it longer and more in-depth' and yeah I need you to help me write a really long one'

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