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Get your girlfriend to forgive

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Can you help me make a letter to my girlfriend?

I've been so rude and insensitive to her, just because of something she wants to do but not okay with me. Thanks!


Trapping your girlfriend into what you think is right for her is not a solution. Even if you disagree with her decision to do something, offer support and encouragement. When you try to block her, she may stand her ground even more rather than thinking things through. We all hate to be told "No" and often go into a defensive mode of trying to prove the other person that they are wrong.

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Compose a letter of encouragement. Explain to her that you were not trying to control her but you have some concerns about her decision. Address the concerns but promise to support her decision no matter what it is. Apologize for how rude and insensitive you were previously and assure her that you will work on how you treat her.

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I need a long letter to post on twitter to make her sad?

Her name is Olivia and we've been dating for 10 months and I messed up bad and I love her so much and she is about to move on. Because I want to make it longer and more in-depth' and yeah I need you to help me write a really long one'

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Get your girlfriend to forgive

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